Meeting Information

The Augusta Coin Club, Inc. meets the third Thursday of the month  @ “SUNRISE GRILL"

                                                                    located in West Town Market Square                                                                                    3830 Washington Road

                                                                                 Martinez, Ga 30907                      

                                     Meeting start time is now 7:00 PM.

Need Directions? We can help get you right to our door - See the Menu Item to the right.

Several coin dealers set up coins and supplies for display and sale starting around 6:30 PM.

Guests are cordially invited to all of our meetings and may participate in any activity, with the exception of placing items for sale in the auction.

Two Numismatic prizes are offered to attending members as door prizes at each regular meeting.  Upon signing in, a circular tag indicating member number is placed into a box and later drawn.

Raffle tickets are sold for a 50/50 drawing, in which the winner of the drawing receives half of the proceeds collected from the sell of the tickets and the other half goes to benefit the ACC.

Each junior member draws from a collection of donated coins by various members of the club.

Each meeting consists of: 

  • Member sign-in
  • Purchase of raffle tickets for 50/50 drawing
  • First drawing for numismatic prize
  • Old and New Business
  • Educational Presentation/ Show & Tell
  • Break to view auctions
  • Second drawing for numismatic prize
  • 50/50 raffle
  • Auction- (To Obtain Auction Bid Sheet Click HERE)
  • Post-Meeting Trading with dealers